Concept - resolution dots

What resolution should be used when creating digital images for use in a printed product?

The resolution of digital image are expressed as lpi (lines per inch) ppi (pixels per inch) or most commonly, dpi (dots per inch.) While it is technically possible to use lower resolution images, we highly recommend that your images be at 300dpi or higher. (Line art should be at 600 lpi or higher) If lower resolution images are used, the resulting printed product will almost certainly look grainy and pixelated.

Check the settings on the camera you are using and make sure it is not set to “web” or a lower resolution. Images used on websites have traditionally been about 72 dpi. This resolution is too low to look very good in printed pieces.

Resolution Examples

If you are getting your images from a stock photography resource, you will usually have 3-5 “sizes” to choose from when downloading your file. Be sure to choose a medium or larger size that is at least 300 dpi. There should be an indication of the resolution and size in inches with each download option.

If you are unsure which image to choose reach out to us and we will help you make the right choice! Call (916) 928-0801.

For further details, we recommend that you read our file preparation guide.