Concept - paper sizes

What size of paper can be used in your digital printing?

We use Xerox Nuvera printers for our greyscale and black printing. These each have two types of trays, standard and large. The standard size is for letter-sized applications, while the large can handle papers well beyond that size.

Standard Trays
Minimum – 6.0 in. by 9.0 in.
Maximum – 9.0 in. by 12.0 in.

Large Trays
Minimum – 7.25 in. by 8.0 in.
Maximum – 18.5 in. by 12.5 in.

Our full-color laser printing is done on the Xerox ColorPress 1000i. All of the trays on this are of the same size, which can handle materials large enough for poster-sized prints.

All Trays
Minimum – 8.0 in. by 8.0 in.
Maximum – 19 in. by 13 in.