Direct Mailing

The most effective mailings are those that precisely target your ideal customer.

Metro offers direct mailing services for any project. We help you target a specific audience so that your message makes the most impact.

Metro will select, create and maintain a mailing list tailored to your needs. Your custom mailing list is kept up to date and can be reused as needed.

Our Data Processing Specialists provide extensive knowledge and experience in database integration. We can create a list based on age, location, income, gender, occupation, education, and more. Our experts will help you find your targeted audience no matter what it’s based on.

Direct mailing is the best way to ensure that the right message gets to the right audience.

Metro Print and Mail supports your cost-efficient mailing and marketing goals.

For more information regarding Metro’s direct mailing services call us at (916) 928-0801 or request a quote for your next project.